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Would you migrate for the sake of Allah?

Would you?
Truly, there are many reasons one chooses to move to another city or another country even to start a new life.
Nowadays, we find a lot of Muslims moving from country to country and all have different reasons why - most of them for a safer life or a better life. However, how many do we find migrating for the sake of Allah? You know, a place where they can freely practice wearing hijab, growing a beard, wearing abaya or even just going to the masjid safely.
As Muslims, we have to find a safe environment and a place for us to live so we may practice Islam freely - and this becomes more apparent especially when you are blessed with kids. It is our responsibility to provide for them a place where they can nurture their imaan and seek knowledge.
Migrating for the sake of Allah is not a new thing, even the Prophets have done this - it started from Ibrahim Alaihi Salaam then to Lut Alaihi Salaam. We have to realize that when these Prophets migrated - they migrated as family (meaning with their spouses or children or both).
However, after Lut Alaihi Salaam there was no migration for the sake of Allah that happened until the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Do you know which first family migrated for the sake of Allah after the Prophets?
Let me tell you about them.
This couple was known as one of the most beautiful couple during the time of the Prophet ﷺ. The man was a very handsome yet modest person and one of the most successful traders amongst the Quraysh. The woman was from the household of the Prophet ﷺ himself, as she was one of his daughters.
Yes, I am talking about Uthman Ibn Affan and Ruqayyah Bint Muhammad Radiyallahu Anhum. This marriage was so blessed, it was said that the Prophet ﷺ was instructed by Allah to marry Ruqayyah to ‘Uthman. He ﷺ said: “Allah has intimated me by way of revelation that I should marry my beloved Ruqayyah to ‘Uthman Ibn Affan”
Due to this, the Makkans (Quraysh) did not attend the marriage ceremony. Rather, they started to plot against ‘Uthman Radiyallahu Anhu.
So then the torture and mistreatment of the Muslims began to the point that the Prophet ﷺ had to urge some of the Muslims to migrate to Abyssinia. Hence, we find the first household that migrated for the sake of Allah, after the Prophets, was of ‘Uthman’s.
The small caravan which consisted of 12 men and 4 or 5 women was led by ‘Uthman himself. The migration was both heartbreaking and needed. Stories narrate that the way Ruqayyah bid her family farewell was so emotional because of the thought that it might be their last time seeing each other. Migrating brought along with it danger as the Quraysh eventually found out and sent out men to chase them but Allah saved the caravan of ‘Uthman Radiyallahu Anhu.
They reached Abyssinia safe and sound and there is a separate story for that. We also should realize that ‘Uthman and Ruqayyah migrated not only once for the sake of Allah but thrice where the last was to Madinah where Ruqayyah eventually passed away.

Why did I share this story? I believe one of the reasons why ‘Uthman and Ruqayyah were chosen to be married is because of this - that we could go back to their story to learn from them if ever we are put in a situation where we find it hard to practice Islam and live peacefully in where we are currently living.
We have to take note that ‘Uthman could have stayed, he had power and protection as he was from Banu Umayyah. Moreover, he was a successful trader and was a wealthy man - yet because there was danger in him practicing his faith openly and freely - he chose to leave that life and migrate.
Ruqayyah also could have stayed, she was from the household of the Prophet ﷺ and this time they still had protection from Banu Hisham and Abu Talib was still alive, yet it is not easy when you are also a Muslim woman who is being opressed to practice your deen. It was not easy for her to just leave a life with her parents and family but she knew she was a wife as well, and her place is together with her husband.
These actions of theirs are an epitome of how Islam was so dear to them that they were able to sacrifice their homes, property and businesses for the sake that they can practice Islam freely and worship Allah openly.
Nowadays, a lot of us Muslims find it difficult to take that decision of migrating to a Muslim country because we either have a luxurious life that we have to leave, a close family that we might not see again or a booming business that increases our wealth or we just enjoy that “different “ kind of freedom.
We would rather travel to nonMuslim countries and be lenient about eating in establishments that we do not know for sure are serving us halal food or not.
And yet again, we find the same kind of people who go on the internet and do nothing but talk ill about Muslim countries when they themselves don’t realize they patrionize those who oppress and mistreat their own people.
Yes, there are differences in the way each country handle situations but for a Muslim it is way safer for them to live in a country that recognizes the laws of Islam and abides in it.
I know this, because I have experienced it - and I did migrate as well for the sake of Allah.
Maybe it’s the right time for you, too.

May Allah make it easy for all of us and make it easy for those brothers and sisters who plan to migrate to Muslim countries for the sake of Allah.