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What is Précis Writing?

Précis Writing is an exercise of compression. A Precis is the summary of a given text/paragraph, possibly expressed in a few words.
A Précis should provide all the necessary points so that whoever reads it will understand the idea expressed in the actual passage.
How To Write A Précis Properly?
There are some important tips and tricks to write a precis perfectly. The implementation of the following rules will help you with precise writing.
Remember Don’ts for Précis Writing
  1. Your words should not be more than 1/3 of the given passage
  2. Avoid copy/pasting
  3. Don’t make answers to a single paragraph as précis
  4. Don’t make more than 1 para.
5 Ultimate Points & Rules
  1. Read once quickly
  2. Re-read and underline the focuses of the passage
  3. Read again and write down important points
  4. Analyze the important points and given questions
  5. Try to relate them with each other.
As a result, you’ll get a summary/précis of passage.
How to find the exact title?
  1. Guess that it is from social evils or others to give a broad topic.
  2. Otherwise, get an idea from the most focused point.
Pick up the thought from passage and write it in your own words in least possible words in one paragraph...
Usually one third of original passage