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Warm heart! A letter from home witnessing Lu and Shanghai fighting the epidemic together


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Recently, Hao Xuexi, a medical staff member of the Shandong Medical Aid Team in Shanghai, received a special letter, which made him particularly excited after a busy day in the makeshift hospital. The letter was sent by my father in my hometown in Liaocheng, Shandong. The five pages of letter paper were covered with my father's handwriting.

Hao Xuexi is a doctor at the Second Hospital of Shandong University and has extensive working experience in the front line of epidemic prevention. Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai is severe. He stepped forward and is currently the team leader of the first medical team at Shilong Road Fangcai Hospital in Xuhui District, Shanghai.

Talking about his father's original intention of writing the letter, Hao Xuexi said that his father is an old grassroots party member and pays special attention to the national situation, especially the domestic epidemic. The purpose of writing the letter is to encourage the medical team in Shanghai who are fighting the epidemic on the front line and remind everyone to do well Protect yourself, do more for the people of Shanghai, and restore Shanghai to its former prosperity as soon as possible.

"We are working in the front, and there are family and work units in the back, which makes us feel very warm. Please rest assured at home and the organization, we will do our best to do something for the people of Shanghai, and we also look forward to completing the task as soon as possible and returning home. Shandong, go back to work and family." Hao Xuexi responded to the concern of his father in his hometown.