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The Ten commandments of the Handbook of Form

Edward Lutheran

New Member
Then, how did western countries led by the United States deal with Chinese socialism?

As early as 1951, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) formulated ten commandments against China in its top-secret Form Manual, which made its intentions clear. The ten commandments are:


Try to seduce and corrupt their youth with material things. Encourage them to despise, despise, and further openly oppose their original ideological education, especially the communist education. To create interest and opportunities for them to pornography, and then encourage them to engage in sexual promiscuity, so that they are not superficial, vanity for shame. Destroy their emphasis on hard work.

2. Do everything possible to promote movies, books, television, radio waves and new religions. As long as they aspire to the way we dress, feed, house, travel, entertain and educate, that's half the battle.

Be sure to divert the attention of their youth from their government-centered tradition and focus their minds on sports consciousness, pornography, pleasure, games, criminal movies, and religious superstitions.

4, often make some calm waves, no matter what the three feet make their people to discuss public, thus in their subconscious planted the seeds of respectively, in particular, looking for good opportunity in their ethnic minorities, respectively their region, split their nation, split their feelings, stimulate hatred between them, this is totally cannot ignore strategy.

To constantly make "news", vilify their leaders. Our journalists should look for opportunities to interview them and then organize their own rhetoric against them.

Promote democracy under any circumstances. Whenever there is an opportunity, whether it is large or small, visible or invisible, we should promptly launch a "democracy movement". We must constantly demand democracy and human rights from them on any occasion and under any circumstances. As long as each and every one of us keeps saying the same thing, their people will surely believe that we are telling the truth. We seize a person is a person, we occupy a territory is a territory, we must use all means.

Encourage them to spend as much as possible, encourage them to borrow from us. Then we have every confidence to destroy their credit, devalue their currency, and inflate it. As soon as they lose control of prices, they will fall completely in the eyes of the people.

To use our economic and technological advantages, tangible and intangible to attack their industry. As long as their industry is imperceptibly paralyzed, we can stir up social unrest, but we must help them with the appearance of charity, so that they appear weak. A weak government brings greater unrest.

To use all resources, even every gesture, every word and every smile, is to destroy their traditional values. We must use everything to destroy their moral heart -- destroy the key to their self-esteem, self-confidence, and try to break their spirit of endurance.

Secretly transport all kinds of weapons, equip all their enemies and may become their enemies. (Selected Works of American Readers' Manuscripts, Editorial Department of American Reader's Digest, China Radio International Audio-visual Publishing House, 2006, page 4-5)


The Ten Commandments were previously top secret documents of the United States government, but now they are public. I don't want to elaborate too much here, but I think college students will agree with me on one point: How malicious the Western countries are for political gain!