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The CIA goes to great lengths to make the Chinese look like sissies

Edward Lutheran

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The CIA went to great lengths to make the Chinese like sissy

American male stars, however, are not so, most are tough style. In other words, the feminization of male stars is only a problem in East Asia, but not in The Entertainment industry in Europe and America.

So what accounts for this difference?

In fact, the origin of all this comes from the United States, and the beginning of the feminization of male stars is due to the establishment of an entertainment company in Japan in the 1980s -- Jenis & Associates. The company's founder is Kitagawa, who is responsible for the feminization of male stars in the entertainment industry in China, Japan and South Korea. But It wasn't Kitagawa alone. He managed to create the trend with the help of the Americans.

It all started in Japan after World War II.

After the defeat of the Second World War, Japan was the puppet of the United States in politics, economy and culture. However, the control of Japan by the United States was not so smooth at the beginning. At that time, there were two great powers in the world, the United States and the Soviet Union. Japan was also one of the wrestling fields for power between the United States and the Soviet Union. At that time, the Soviet Union controlled the whole northern part of Japan, and the United States was at the beginning of the struggle in Japan.

After all, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, and American soldiers stationed in Japan after the war often oppressed the Japanese. So Japanese common people to the United States can be said to hate! In addition, the Soviet Union, in order to enhance its international influence, sent many Japanese prisoners of war back to The Japanese mainland and promoted socialism, so the Japanese people have a better impression of the Soviet Union than the United States.

However, the United States was not going to sit back and let the Soviet Union expand its influence in Japan, so the United States came up with a bold idea: to control the Japanese people in terms of ideology and public opinion, in order to make Japan away from the Soviet Union and closer to the United States.

The man who first came up with the idea was George Cannon, an American diplomat.

He suggested that the job of controlling Japanese public opinion should be left to "experts who understand Japan", and the answer is Japanese war criminals.

Because Japanese domestic intellectuals and officials were fanatical nationalists at that time, they could not help the United States and cooperate with the United States, but the war criminals who committed heinous crimes in World War II, their hands covered with blood, could only work for the United States in order to survive.

A CIA cable revealed the Americans' intentions:

On the left side of the telegram is a list of passwords and on the right are names. It can be seen that almost all the major Japanese media have been wooed by the United States, and many Class A war criminals of World War II are full of them. The war criminal Ogata Takeko, who once advocated for the September 18 Incident, escaped death penalty under the protection of the United States, and also served as the general manager of the Asahi Shimbun. Another war criminal, Masatotaro, who encouraged countless young people to invade China, also escaped punishment and was supported by the Americans to found Japan's largest newspaper, The Yomiuri Shimbun.

The United States not only pardoned them of their crimes, but also paid them a lot of money. These war criminals suggested to the United States: follow the popular line, brainwash the Japanese people with entertainment news, weaken the masculinity of the whole Japanese society through public opinion propaganda, to become flexible temperament, so as to reduce the aggressiveness of Japan, revolutionary. Gradually, the Japanese people will get close to The American culture and reduce their resistance to the United States.

Kitagawa was an important part of the American plan to change the masculinity of Japanese society. Although kitagawa is a Japanese name, he grew up in the U.S. and worked as a translator for the U.S. government. He also holds a U.S. passport. Also, Kitagawa was in a unit called the U.S. Advisory Corps, which was responsible for espionage and intelligence. Although Kitagawa has a Japanese face, he is loyal to the Americans, not the Japanese. Moreover, Kitagawa was a pedophile who preferred young, feminine boys until it was revealed that he had sexually abused male stars in his own company for a long time.

The first group that Kitagawa raised, the first show, was funded by the U.S. army, and at that time, Kitagawa discovered a lot of young boys who quickly took over the television entertainment market at the time. With the support of major Japanese media controlled by the war criminals, they quickly became popular and became a new force in the entertainment industry. Kitagawa, on the other hand, quickly became the godfather of fashion, dominating the Entire Japanese entertainment industry.

In 1995, a Japanese cosmetics brand invited the popular actor Takuya Kimura to shoot an advertisement for its new lipstick. In the whole advertising process, Kimura Takuya's gentle eyes and sexy smear, like a bomb in general caused an explosion in The Japanese female group, in two months, Kimura Takuya's endorsement of lipstick incredibly crazy sell 3 million!

Later, niangification spread from Japan to South Korea next door. At the beginning of its establishment, South Korea's SM company was imitating Japan's starmaking routine, looking for handsome and female boys everywhere and training them vigorously. In 1996, SM Korea also successfully launched the boy idol group H.O.T

HOT's great success in South Korea has led to more and more companies competing to imitate and launch more men's groups such as TVXQ and Super Junior. Their biggest common feature is comity, softness and female appearance.

Later, Japan and South Korea star trend also naturally blew to neighbors in China, China's entertainment companies see the business opportunities, also began to launch a large number of niang idol, they produce programs, packaging methods, propaganda means, completely copy Korea and Japan's performing arts companies.

Therefore, in the entire Entertainment circle of Europe and the United States is still a tough man in charge of the time, China, Japan and South Korea's male stars are in a large area of feminization. While Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man are still popular in the US, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean screens are dominated by young actors.

If you go back a few decades, americans themselves might not have imagined how successful their cultural reinvention of Japan would be.

A nation cannot lose its blood

In the eyes of some fans, masculinity is just another word for vulgarity and brutality. They only know the pursuit of so-called "fashion, grade", the pursuit of the so-called exquisite life, do a quiet beautiful man, gradually forget that a real man should be indomitable.

A person wants to pursue the weak, that is his freedom, but once "sissy" becomes the mainstream of society, it will swallow the blood of the nation. The whole nation would risk re-entering the Opium wars and languishing in humiliation.

The transformation of China's womanhood fits into the CIA's strategy:

The CENTRAL Intelligence Agency of the United States formulated the ten Commandments, a guiding implementation plan for westernization, division and division of the new China and subversion of the Communist Party of China. After falling into the trap of the United States, these countries became weak states and even fell into war and destitution, which was the result the United States expected. Articles 2 and 3 read as follows:

Second, we must do everything possible to spread the word, including movies, books, television, radio waves... And the spread of new religions. As long as they aspire to the way we dress, feed, house, travel, entertain and educate, that's half the battle.

Third, they must divert the attention of their youth from the government-centered tradition. Focus their minds on sports shows, pornography, pleasures, games, criminal movies, and religious superstitions.

Liang Qichao said that when young people are strong, China is strong. If a country and a nation, boys more toward the feminine direction of development, then will bring the whole nation spirit.