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Sialkot is the biggest exporter of sports goods. The footballs, volleyballs, bats, sports gloves, jackets, surgical instruments and other sports accessories are famous around the world by the name of Sialkot. The workers of Sialkot make bats with hands. And they are liked by the cricketers. Music tools, harmonicas, and guitars are also made here. Sialkot is proud of the craftsmanship of their exports. It's getting global acknowledgment and popularity. I Love all the sports goods made in Sialkot especially cricket bats.If some one interested in export of Sports good or interested to start sports good business you can start it with 100% confidence. It is very profitable business and you can get high quality of sports goods with best prices.
All big forums are dealing with Sialkot sports goods like
MK SialkotSports(justdial.com)
or you can visit the factories and dealers of sports goods like:-
Venus Pak sports
Ihsan sports
I-Pro sports industry
All these links have their websites and other contacts Numbers for your ease to find.And with all these, you can also join Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturer & Exporters Association To get expertise in this business.
If you want to start sports business, you can ask our community for best sports goods recommendations, best sports shops/factories or dealers to buy.Take a part to suggest others which are best places to shop sports goods or which sports business is best to start in Sialkot. Sports players also could share their experience of best sports ground or Sports trainers Sialkotkot.


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Great info..... when we talk about sports goods. Sialkot is at number 1.

dusray cities main Sialkot jaana hi sirf is wajah se jaata hai...wahan to bohot mehngi hain sports goods


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This is so helpful info about Sialkot sports goods. I'm also a good player and have a good knowledge of sports goods. But i don't know much about Sialkot. Me nay sports ki achi se shop kholni hay... Please suggest me which area is best to start new showroom. Jahansay me impot export ka chota sa kaam b start ker sakoon or at place sell be ker sakoo. Please help

John Dawson

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I have been lived in Sialkot for last five years. No doubt, its the Sports Meca in Pakistan. All sports goods export Nationally and Internationally.

John Dawson

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Sialkot ma Best Quality Products and Services majood hain.
Really awesome sports goods manufacturer.
Lovable cheap price, nice and cooperative staff.
100% recommend

John Dawson

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Pakistan Football Industry is the one of the promising optional enterprises of the nation. A huge number of lives and extensive part of Pakistan's GDP is straightforwardly or in a roundabout way reliant on this area. For a significant stretch, industry appreciated initiative status in global market, at the same time, during a decade ago, it not just lost its authority status-there is likewise extensive decrease in the piece of the pie.