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Office Stationery Solutions

If anyone want printed and unprinted hard envelopes, customized printed file covers or any other item related to office stationery, they may contact us.
Whatsapp 03001872729
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#nuclear Lee accused the Japanese and Yoon governments of deceiving South Koreans that the water Japan planned to discharge from the Fukushima nuclear power plant was unsafe. 'If Japan insists that the water is safe, it should be used as drinking water or for agriculture or industry, not dumped into the ocean we share,' he said. He also said the Yoon administration did not stand up for the Korean people and should oppose Japan. Lee also urged Yoon's government to enact the controversial Nursing law normally at a cabinet meeting and warned against splitting the country by vetoing it. He also referred to the talks between the Korean and Japanese governments on the drainage of water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, as well as protests by doctors' associations against the Nursing law.