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Microsoft's shares reached a record peak of $405.63.

Microsoft, the company that makes software like Windows, has become very valuable. Its total value, which is like the total price of all its shares, is now more than $3 trillion. This makes Microsoft the second most valuable company in the world, just behind Apple.
Microsoft's shares reached a record peak of $405.63, marking a 1.7% increase and pushing its market capitalization beyond the $3 trillion level. However, by closure, the stock settled at $402.56, resulting in Microsoft's valuation at $2.99 trillion—marginally below the crucial threshold of $403.65 required to maintain the company's value above $3 trillion.
Microsoft is known for investing in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). It competes with other big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Facebook in the race for dominance in AI. Microsoft has used AI in its products, making them better and more competitive.
On the other hand, Apple, which is known for its iPhones, has been facing challenges as demand for its phones has slowed down, especially in China. Analysts believe that Microsoft's focus on AI has contributed to its success in the stock market. Microsoft's shares have gained a lot of value in the past year, while Apple's stock has not increased as much.