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ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition.

Ghandhara Industries Limited continues its tradition of regularly introducing new models of the ISUZU D-Max, and in 2024, it unveils the highly anticipated ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition. Priced at 12,400,000/- in Pakistan, the GTX edition aims to enhance the driving experience by prioritizing outstanding durability, driving comfort, safety, and cutting-edge features.
The specifications and features include complimentary add-ons valued at Rs. 500,000, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering excellent value. These additions range from sonar sensors for safety during reverse maneuvers to a spare tire lock for added security.
The ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition reflects a dedication to providing a premium driving experience, with construction contracts awarded for completion by mid-2026.