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islamic studies

It is not too late nor is it too early.
Many of you may have reached the age where you feel embarassed enrolling in a madrasah where your classmates would be way younger than you - I’m telling you, there is no shyness when in comes to learning the deen - so, enroll and start now.
While many parents tend to delay the islamic studies of their children saying they are too young - I’m telling you, we do not know until when we are going to live in this world - so, let them start now.
I’m telling you, for as long as you have a heart that is beating and is racing to repent to Allah, Allah will assist you and will be with you every step of the way.
Truly, when it comes to the concept of seeking knowledge in Islam - we hear a lot of beautiful stories and advices from senior scholars of Islam that amazingly talks to us.
However, what I am about to share with you today - isn’t an advice rather a story that would make you think, ponder and reflect as how you are doing in this specific course (seeking knowledge) of your life and how we treat those who are starting or restarting their lives by returning to the path of Islam.