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How to start a business of auto/spare parts in Pakistan


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Hi all of you!
The auto parts company enjoys resilencing even in the time of downfall in economics and global crises. Even it does more business in the time of crises.
That's why I had done my mechanical engineering and now want to start a small business of auto spare parts. My uncle is also a good mechanic and has a good knowledge of all products. But where I'm stuck is that do I start to import and sell in the market or is it better to open a service shop?The second thing is what will be the process to start?Third How much budget do I need to start it. Plaese suggest me some ideas. I just have knowledge but no experience of business. My budget is 10 lakh RS.
I will appreciate your help and suggestions. Thank you.
Well said Naqash1
Auto spare parts business in Pakistan is very demanding and people who d start this business get 100% success.
I think you should watch this video. It can help you in some simple steps to know how auto parts business could get success.