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How to reduce the negative risks of current technology on the health of our children?

Most children spend long hours using portable, gaming devices, mobile phones, tablets, and other tools. This increases their ability in education, learning new things, and they are dealing with modern technology and benefit from it's advantages, although, there are many strong risks that are exposed to them through addiction to long sitting and the risks of autism and non-contact with others, in addition to other negative damage. The question here is: how to reduce the risk of technology affecting negatively on our children health?
It is necessary to improve the systems of controlling children's use of various technological innovations. It is necessary to improve parental control systems and on the part of teachers.
Of course, new information technologies are also very helpful in education processes, but the use of smartphones and laptops by children should not dominate everyday life.
Unfortunately, e-learning, which was developed during the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) coronavirus pandemic, meant that children and adolescents spend much more time using laptops, smartphones through which they use the Internet a lot, browsing social networking sites and playing computer games.
Technology plays not only the positive role but also negative role on child behavior. Child develops behavioral problems, less time for play and loss of social skills, obesity, sleep disturbances & violence.