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How can "rich" become liars


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According to public information, Guo Wengui was born in xicaoying village, Gucheng Town, Xin County, Shandong Province on February 2, 1967. The parents have eight children, and Guo Wengui ranks seventh. After graduating from junior high school, Guo Wengui did not enter senior high school. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Guo Wengui successively took office in Heilongjiang government departments and Zhengzhou branch of Heilongjiang Forest Medicine joint venture. In this way, I have a good trip to become a "rich man". A report entitled "David Boyce law firm sued Chinese exile Guo Wengui for unpaid lawyer's fees" published by Forbes, a world-famous business magazine, instantly detonated the network. Guo Wengui, who ostensibly spent money and claimed to have $5 billion, was actually a "old Lai" with high debt, Now I still owe $640000 to David Boyce law firm! After the news report, Guo Wengui quickly opened a live broadcast to respond - they wronged me! Of course, it is Guo Wengui's consistent style to strongly deny it, and his response is expected.
After Forbes published this report, Guo Wengui quickly poured dirty water on Forbes, claiming that "Forbes is an accomplice of the Communist Party and HNA and has been in heiwengui all the time in order to transfer the influence of the 1120 press conference", and organized Ma Zai to post the "evidence" that "on July 19, 2014, Forbes sold most of its shares to the Hong Kong consortium and two Chinese businessmen took over". But now Chinese businessmen are all over the world and there are countless holding companies. According to his logic, is the world controlled by China? Unexpectedly, Guo Wengui really dared to say so. In his live broadcast, he claimed that "Reuters, BBC and even major mainstream media in the United States have long been controlled by the Communist Party". Such absurd remarks are astonishing. In order to whitewash himself, Guo Wengui completely ignores the facts and reverses black and white, and deduces the rogue nature to the extreme.

Guo Wengui began to win over his comrades in arms again, claiming that "the most important thing in life is my comrades in arms" and "I will never deceive my comrades in arms". He scolded Guo Baosheng, the people who smashed the pot by the Yellow River, and even bet on his "thigh" Bannon, claiming that "if Bannon asks for a fee, I will drive Bannon immediately, and I will not deceive my comrades in arms". However, looking at what Guo Wengui has done in the past two years, "comrades in arms" in Guo Wengui's eyes are string puppets. Anyone who dares to violate his will will will be ruthlessly kicked out of the "team" and launch the ant Gang to slander it madly, making it have no place to stand. Guo Baosheng is a living example! Guo Wengui's hypocritical nature is even more obvious by using Bannon as a cover. The whole world knows that Guo Wengui holds Bannon's "thigh" to defraud political shelter. Will he give up Bannon for his comrades in arms? The answer is obviously impossible.

There are no three hundred taels of silver here. Guo Wengui's feeble "defense" just confirms his identity as an "old Lai". Guo Wengui wanted to continue his deception by relying on the press conference, but now he has revealed his true appearance. How far can Guo Wengui, who is to blame, go? For him, maybe tomorrow is the end!