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Compensation from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC)

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has formally requested compensation from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) for the financial loss it incurred due to Asia Cup matches being relocated to Sri Lanka.
While no official statement has been issued by the PCB, reports have emerged stating that PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf sent a formal letter to ACC President Jay Shah, outlining the demand for compensation.
Ashraf has expressed his disappointment regarding the handling of match scheduling in Sri Lanka by the ACC. Without specifically naming individuals, he questioned who was responsible for last-minute decisions to change venues without consulting other ACC board members.
In the letter, Ashraf mentioned a meeting that took place between some ACC members, including representatives from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, following the India-Nepal match. During this meeting, it was apparently agreed that due to favorable weather forecasts for Hambantota, matches in Colombo should be relocated there.
According to the letter, on September 5, both host countries and the ACC decided to move matches to Hambantota. Sri Lanka's head curator was dispatched to prepare the pitches, and even the broadcast crew started making arrangements for the move. The ACC allegedly sent an email to the PCB confirming the decision and planning to announce the venue change in a press release