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Cathedral Church of the Resurrection Lahore.

Usama Afaaq

کیتھڈرل چرچ فار ریزوریکشن لاہور کے قلب مال روڈ پر ہائی کورٹ کے بالکل سامنے واقع ایک قدیم گرجاگھر ہے۔ یہ 1877 سے 1887 تک تقریبا 10 سال کے عرصہ تعمیر ہوا ۔
یہ چرچ، تنظیم" چرچ آف پاکستان" کے لاہور نمائندے کی نشست ہے۔ یہ عمارت انگلستانی طرز فن تعمیر کا ایک خوبصورت نمونہ ہے۔ اسے جارج گلبرٹ اسکاٹ اور بیٹے نے مل کر تعمیر کیا تھا۔ 1898 میں ، عمارت کے دو لمبے ٹاورز کی لمبائی میں اضافہ کر دیا گیا ۔بائیں جانب والے ٹاور میں ایک گھڑی اور ایک گھنٹی جبکہ دائیں جانب میں 6 قدیم گھڑیاں نصب ہیں ۔اندر موجود ہال میں 20 سے زائد بلند و بالا پلرز ہیں۔ہال 226 فٹ لمبا، 152 فٹ چوڑااور تقریبا 65 فٹ اونچا ہے۔اس میں 800 سے زائد افراد کے بیٹھنے کی گنجائش موجود ہے۔اس کی تعمیر میں سرخ اینٹوں اور سرمئی پتھروں کا استعمال کیا گیا ہے۔
کسی زمانے میں اس پر نصب Weathercock کی وجہ سے لاہوریوں اسے "ککڑ گرجا گھر" کہتے تھے۔
Cathedral Church of the Resurrection is an ancient church located in front of the Lahore High Court on Mall Road, Lahore. It was built from 1877 to 1887 for about 10 years.
This church is the seat of the Lahore representative of the organization "Church of Pakistan". The building is a beautiful example of English-style architecture. It was built by George Gilbert Scott and his son. In 1898, the length of the building's two tall towers was increased. The tower on the left has a clock and a bell, while on the right, there are 6 ancient clocks. Inside the hall, there are more than 20 high pillars. The hall is 226 feet long, 152 feet wide and about 65 feet high. It has a seating capacity of more than 800 people. Its construction is made of red bricks and grey stones.
At one time, because of the weathercock installed on it, the people of Lahore used to call it "Kukkar Church"

imran ali

The Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Lahore, of the Church of Pakistan. The building is in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture.
In 1898, two towers with tall steeples were added to the building, but the steeples were taken down after the earthquake of 1911.
Originally the Church was to have eight change-ringing bells, however only six arrived from England. They were cast in 1903 by John Taylor & Co of Loughborough. The largest bell weighs a ton and used to vibrate the foundations. Until the installation of a peal of twelve bells at St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore in 2019 they were the only 'ringable' peal of church bells on the whole continent of Asia. There is another peal of bells at the Church of the Holy Name in Pune, India, however these are considered 'unringable' because the tower is cracked, and could not withstand the stresses associated with change ringing.