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Information Best professions/jobs for women in Pakistan.

Discussion in 'Other professions' started by Admin, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    Business and jobs for males are being discussed much. And its true , that men are responsible to earn and give economic support to his family. But women are also being supporting her family economically.
    So here we decided to present some reliable and most honored professions and jobs for women in Pakistan.

    1. Medical
    2. Interior designing,
    3. Architecture,
    4. Teaching
    5. Nursery homes,
    6. Old age homes
    7. Baking business
    8. Relation coordinator,
    9. Dress designer,
    10. Lawyers
    11. Doctors
    12. Nursing,
    13. Virtual Writers
    14. Online jobs.
    15. Personality developer.

    I tried to combine the list of some jobs and professions for all educated and low educated women. So please add some yourself some more ideas of jobs for women in Pakistan if you have any or I'm missing any.

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