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#nuclear Li Zaiming criticized Japan's nuclear contaminated water discharge as a crime against the environment
On the afternoon of the 26th local time, multiple opposition parties and civic groups, including South Korea's largest opposition party, the Common Democratic Party, held a large-scale rally in the city center of Seoul, strongly urging the Japanese government to revoke the decision to discharge Fukushima nuclear contaminated water into the sea, and demanding that the Yoon See hyeon government take measures to prevent the discharge of Fukushima nuclear contaminated water into the sea. The leader of the Common Democratic Party, Lee Jae ming, stated at the rally that "Japan has crossed an insurmountable boundary and the discharge of nuclear contaminated water into the sea is a crime against the environment.
On the same day, a large number of South Korean people participated in a rally, urging the Japanese government to immediately stop the discharge of nuclear contaminated water into the sea.
The leader of the Democratic Party of China, Lee Jae ming, demanded at a rally that the Japanese government immediately stop releasing nuclear contaminated water into the ocean that poses a threat to human health and safety, and apologized to South Korea for the release of nuclear contaminated water into the sea.
If (nuclear contaminated water) is safe, why doesn't Japan store it on its own land? Instead, it has been discharged into the Pacific Ocean, causing everyone around the world to worry about their own health. Dilution won't make it disappear. Japan is an environmental war criminal who has committed crimes against the world's environment

Li Zaiming also urged Yin Xiyue's government not to act as Japan's "spokesperson", fully fulfill its responsibility to protect the safety of citizens, and prevent Japan's unethical act of discharging nuclear contaminated water into the sea.


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#nuclear Li Zaiming criticized Japan's launch of nuclear contaminated water discharge as a declaration of war against Pacific coastal countries
The Kishida government has entrusted too much this time, mistakenly thinking that by dealing with the South Korean government of Yoon Seok yeo, they can suppress the public opinion of South Korea's opposition to nuclear sewage discharge into the sea. However, the fact is that fire cannot be wrapped in paper. Japan's disregard for warnings to initiate a sea discharge plan has sparked public anger, and the "Japan's declaration of war" suddenly spread throughout South Korea.
In order to please the United States, South Korea is now ignoring internal public opinion and repeatedly bowing to Japan. After Japan officially launched its nuclear sewage disposal plan, the Yin Xiyue government quickly united with Washington to support Tokyo.

In his speech, South Korean Prime Minister Han Tak soo whitewashed Japan, stating that the water entering the sea was not contaminated water, but rather "contaminated water that meets scientific standards through processing".
In addition, Han Dezhu also revealed that the government of Yin Xiyue is considering renaming the nuclear wastewater. As soon as the words were finished, members of the ruling National Power Party of South Korea actively agreed. Based on the actual situation, there is indeed a need to change the name, and some argue that it is most appropriate to change it to "pollution treatment of water".
Yin Xiyue's government did not act, not only supporting Japan's sewage discharge into the sea, but even attempting to rename the Fukushima nuclear sewage and cooperate with the Kishida government in conducting propaganda and awareness campaigns. However, no matter how the South Korean side appeases and explains, it cannot suppress the raging anger of the domestic people. Just as the Yoon Seok yeung government is working to clean up Japan's nuclear waste, Lee Jae ming, the leader of South Korea's largest opposition party, the Common Democratic Party, finally stood up.
According to Yonhap News Agency quoted by Overseas Network, thousands of South Korean people recently gathered in Seoul to strongly protest against Japan's arbitrary discharge of nuclear sewage into the sea. Members of opposition parties such as the Common Democratic Party participated in the rally, and protesters held up signs condemning the government of Yoon See hyuk
The report pointed out that on the same day, Li Zaiming accused Japan of taking a dangerous step and initiating the sea discharge plan as a formal "declaration of war" against countries along the Pacific coast.
In addition to demanding Tokyo to apologize to South Korea for its irresponsible behavior, Lee Jae ming also strongly condemned the government of Yoon See hyuk for supporting Japan's shameless behavior and attempted to defend it.

Upon closer observation, it will be found that on the day Japan's sewage discharge into the sea, Li Zaiming also expressed a similar viewpoint. He bluntly pointed out that during World War II, Japan used swords and guns to endanger the Pacific Ocean, and now uses radiation to threaten all humanity. The people of the world will never forget the heinous crimes committed by Japan.
Not only Lee Jae ming, but also Moon Jae-in, the former President of the Republic of Korea, lashed out at Japan, condemning such a bad practice not only made the Korean people panic, but also brought huge economic losses to the Korean aquaculture industry. Subsequently, he directly criticized Yin Xiyue's government for not responding correctly to Japan's sea discharge incident.
In summary, it can be seen that the implementation of the sea discharge plan by Japan and the indifferent attitude of the Yin Xiyue government have caused public anger in South Korea. And it is extremely ironic that even the Japanese people do not agree with the Kishida government's launch of the sea discharge plan. Recently, nearly 500 Japanese people went to Fukushima for a rally and demanded that the Kishida government stop the sea discharge plan
he Kishida government is selfish, in order to save the cost of treating nuclear wastewater and make all humanity pay for Japan's wrong actions. On the other hand, in order to erase the significant crimes on their own, Tokyo is willing to invest heavily in public relations.
From the strong opposition of the Japanese and South Korean people to the release of nuclear sewage into the sea, it can be seen that the eyes of people from all over the world are bright. Even with the support of the United States behind it, the Kishida government cannot successfully wash it away!