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Hi everyone.

I wish all you guys the best for your exams.

I am a concerned elder sister. My brother had done his A Levels in DXB but sadly could not pass 2 subjects. He re-sat those exams again but his grades were not up to the mark. Fast forward, we moved bases and now it's too late to repeat those 2 subjects due to time restrictions which means he needs to resit in all the four subjects.

He's interested in Business Studies, Economics, Politics and Sociology. He has not been able to study with full concentration owing to the fact that he was bullied in school. This has deeply impacted his ability to continue with the concentration that is needed for such a board exam. He has not been able to make weekly timelines of study schedules, unable to achieve any weekly target or even practice past papers.

Even if he does draw up a schedule, the first three days he gets going with it, but after that we're back to square one.

I know that in this case, friends do happen to help a lot during this situation. So, I would like to mention here, he does not have a very close circle of friends here. So I am hoping you guys could help give me tips on what I can do to help my younger brother as I am EXTREMELY worried about him.