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Information 13 Trick for the University students in Pakistan to save money.

Discussion in 'University Students' started by Admin, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 25, 2017
    Trophy Points:

    College and university students in Pakistan Always meet money problem. Before the end of the month, they live empty-handed. Unplanned budget and extra expenses indulge them in a big worry of money. Here are some effective tricks to follow to save money as a university student in Pakistan.

    1.Shop Wisely

    Always shop from the best price markets and don't buy the thing you don't actually need. Avoid going in exhibitions and sale points. Because you could not stop yourself to buy unnecessary things.

    2. Use the membership
    Get membership cards pf big laptops, stores, and vehicles to save money. Use student discounts 3. Use the things wisely
    3. Save money
    Turn Off your lights, avoid wasting water and foods to save money.
    4. Pass ongoing outside
    Don’t make it habit to go and eat outside on weekends or other meal times.

    5. Keep the change
    Keep the change into your best place and you will be surprised when you will have a big amount in your money box.

    6. Use campus gym and library
    Many campuses and universities have facilities of gym, library and other healthy activities. Try to use most of them.

    7. Avoid sitting with high-class students
    You will always have a feeling of inferiority complex and in a race of fake show off, you will spend much money. So try to make friends of your own class.

    8. Say no to disposable things.
    Do you know how much of your money goes on using disposable things? So try to say no to these things.

    9. Don't buy new textbooks
    Don't use new textbooks, Check out the stores of old textbooks and other helping books. And sell your old book in that stores.

    10. Pay fee on time
    Pay all of your dues and fee for next semester on time to avoid extra charges.

    11. choose to house wisely
    Get the rooms or hostel wisely which could give your all facilities with low price.

    12. Focus on your study

    Focus on your study. If you will lose your semester and failed you will get a stress of paying all expenses again.

    13. Check out free events
    If you like to outings or extracurricular, then check out free events.
    I hope all university students in Pakistan may get big help with my these tricks of saving money.
    How much money do you spend every month? And how much money you could save if you try to follow these steps?
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  2. Basheer

    Basheer New Member

    Aug 8, 2018
    Trophy Points:
    Yaar yahan koi islamabaad say hai to batay zara. Wahan hostel wagaira ka monthly minimum kitna kharcha a jata ho ga? Or kon sa area best hay?
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  3. Abdulah

    Abdulah New Member

    Aug 9, 2018
    Trophy Points:
    Bhai ye to app per depend kerta hay. Zaher hay jis area me tum admision lo gay us k aas pass jo hostels ya university k hostels hon gay wohi best rahy ga. Or kharacha b depnd kerta hay shuru shuru me to ziada aiy ga phir bad me adjustment ho jati hay
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  4. Ayesha

    Ayesha New Member

    Mar 27, 2017
    Trophy Points:
    Cool ideas. But the first one is hard to follow.:)
    Jitni b koshish ker lo shoping kerty kerty extra kharach ho he jaty hain.
  5. fatima khan

    fatima khan New Member

    Jan 7, 2019
    Trophy Points:
    and never feel shy to say no to extra hang outs you know your budget plans not your fellows if they are do they are ur friends other wise they are not

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