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    Chinese IPPs warn to closure if nor paid Rs300bn

    Good that you have tried giving some reasons... But mind it that the ones I mentioned are also not emotional ones... The things you said are also based on ideal world... But when same IPP charges almost double the amount per unit in Pakistan compared to Bangladesh... something is wrong...
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    Criticize judgement not judges :Senate panel

    criticise crime not criminal
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    Pakistan, US holds the security talks ahead of FM Bilawal's visit..

    drone strike and ik under negotiations
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    Pakistan, US holds the security talks ahead of FM Bilawal's visit..

    And they say there was no Sazish! All happening as per script! Trade Minister appointed in India, Pakistani American delegation along with PTV anchor Ahmed Qureshi’s visit to Israel, and this! Well played boys!
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    "Flawless Reputation",

    Chief should be flawless but goons can be PM and CM and goons can pressurize the FIA and NAB on cases against them
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    Rule to spend a good life in DUNIA.

    الللہ پاک ہمیں رزق حلال کمانے اور کھانے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے
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    A Motivational Story

    ایک دفعہ ایک گھوڑا ایک گہرے گڑھے میں جا گرا اور زور زور سے اوازے نکالنےلگا. گھوڑے کا مالک کسان تھا جو کنارے پہ کھڑا اسے بچانے کی ترکیبیں سوچ رہا تھا. جب اسے کوئی طریقہ نہیں سوجھا تو ہار مان کر دل کو تسلی دینے لگا کہ گھوڑا تو اب بوڑھا ہو چکا ہے، وہ اب میرے کام کا بھی نہیں رہا، چلو اسے یوں ہی چھوڑ...
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    Pakistani currency hit a new all-time low of Rs190 against the US dollar

    Nawaz Sharif is at 190runs only 10 runs remaining for double century let’s see if Imran khan can bowl him out or not
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    How much of Pakistan belongs to Afghanistan historically?

    Yes, there is no country called Pakistan, but that ‘no country' has 7 times your country's population. The GDP per capita of ‘no country' is more than twice compared to your country. ‘No country's’ one city alone has more GDP than your entire country. ‘No country' also hosted 4 million people...
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    why it is so important to improve grow and develop being a person?

    you'll want to be able to put yourself into another person's shoes. In this way you can be compassionate towards others. Ultimately, caring for others is the most important way you can develop into a human(e) being
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    7 Tips To Improve Personality

    Life changing habits! You are doing fantastic job :)Mashallah
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    GAT test guidance

    math easy hota hy agr sirf class 6 to 8 math and 9th 10th arts wali books krain to
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    GAT test guidance

    Maths is to easy in GAT
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    لیکچرر جابز کی تفصیلات

    آج آنے والی لیکچرر جابز کی تفصیلات اردو لیکچرر فی میل 184 سیٹ ایجوکیشن لیکچرر فی میل 170 سیٹ اسلامیات لیکچرر فی میل 184 سیٹ بائیو لوجی میل 19 سیٹ اردو لیکچرر میل 54 سیٹ اپلائی کرنے کی لاسٹ ڈیٹ : 23 مئی 2022
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    Pumpkin's Benefits

    pumpkin benefits as written here are very good according to sunnah and hadith Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) always like to eat pumpkin