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Recent content by Sara Chaudary

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    History of Pakistan!!!

    The only way to understand history is to read and understand history historically. History read and understood through the lens of personalities, events, religion or prejudice is only misleading and nothing more. In order to draw conclusions from history, it has to be explored with an empty...
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    Information Motivation for a student

    This is really motivative thing
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    Beauty of kashmir???

    i like kashmir it is very amazing place
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    Bitcoin falls 7% to $35,431.15.

    Don't invest in it.
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    What is COPD?

    The most common signs and symptoms of an oncoming exacerbation are: More coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath than usual. Changes in the color, thickness, or amount of mucus. Feeling tired for more than one day.
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    Information Low Budget Business ideas

    Travel Agency: If not anywhere, then Pakistanis are surely going to their religious centres i.e: Saudia Arabia And Iran etc. Seems a little unrighteous but why not cash from this profitable business opportunity in Pakistan? It may come under the category of 5 lac rupees investment in Pakistan...
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    How to start a paper business in Pakistan?

    Household paper product making is one of the most profitable and trending paper business ideas nowadays. Generally, the paper industry offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, you must choose a paper business according to the market demand and your investment capacity.
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    Question What is hysteria?

    An outbreak of fatal dancing fits among members of the same community, men suddenly gripped by the sickening fear of losing their genital organs, and teenagers having mysterious symptoms after watching an episode of their favorite TV series — these are all instances of what we often refer to as...
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    Chicken Mac & Cheese.

    check it out .. look super delicious .. mouth watering
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    Question What causes night blindness?

    Vitamin A-rich foods include dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes, dairy products, broccoli, squash, and fish. Get in the habit of doing eye exercises – Doing eye exercises in the morning, before you go to bed, and anytime your eyes are tired can help improve your vision and strengthen...
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    PSL 2021 set to resume in Abu Dhabi.

    Great news for the fans
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    Pizza Sandwich.

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    Pizza Sandwich.

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    Kaifi Azmi.

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    Kaifi Azmi.