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You can share authentic information and write Tafseer of Quranic Verses on Pakistan Forums. It will help the community because seeking and teaching knowledge to others is highly recommended in Islam and considered as one of the good acts of worship that a true Muslim can do.

What is the need of Tafseer of Quran?
Allah Almighty says in the Quran: “Verily this Quran leads to the path that is most right” [Quran 17:9], and therefore anyone is able to obtain the Straight Path through this Book. The Quran is a complete source of guidance of and in itself, as it says;

And we have sent down the Book to you as an explanation for everything, a guidance, a mercy and glad tidings for Muslims” [Quran 16:89]

As compared to the average believer (who is not qualified to determine sovereign from the Quran), one who is specialized in Tafseer will be better able to understand and explain the intended meanings of a verse and derive rulings from it. In other words, it can be said that for a better understanding of Quranic verses, we have to do Tafseer of Quran that would enable us to implement them in our daily life. In the book “Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran”, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives a beautiful lesson on the relationship between the Quran and Tafseer.

He says:
The Quran is like a treasure trapped in a glass receptacle; mankind can view and benefit from this treasure, but they are in need of Tafseer, for Tafseer acts like the key that unlocks the treasure so that mankind can benefit from it to the greatest possible extent.”

The purpose of Tafseer of Quran is to study the principles and rules which the Quran came to clarify:
  • The explanation of a perfect set of beliefs in relation to the Creator, and the relationship of the created with the Creator.
  • The perfection of good morals and personal conduct.
  • The establishment of a set of codes of conduct and laws to govern individual and family relations.
  • The establishment of laws governing political and social dealings between nations and communities.
  • The narrations of the histories of the previous nations as the practical examples, so that the impious to act as a warning, and the pious among them may be followed.
  • To give the good news of the blessings and Paradise in store as a reward for the believers, and the information of the punishment of Hell and eternal sufferings in store for the disbelievers.
  • To prove the truthfulness of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) that is accomplished by explaining the miraculous nature of the Quran.
There are numerous reasons that show that Tafseer of Quran is of great importance, but the utmost reason is that Allah Almighty has sent the Quran as a complete book of guidance to mankind. The purpose of our existence is to worship Allah. Man has to live a life on the principles of Quran & within the framework of the guidance that He has revealed. But that can be only done if we understand its meanings, contexts, implication, and interpretation.

The Tafseer of Quran is of dignified importance for a person who wishes to understand and implement the Quran with its true essence and meaning.