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Queen Elizabeth II Dead or Related to New Prime Minister Truss?


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天空新聞今天凌晨報導說,英國女王伊麗莎白二世去世,享年 96 歲。媒體迅速將這一消息傳遍英國和全球,佔據了今天新聞媒體的頭版。


女王在其父親喬治六世國王去世後於 1952 年 2 月 6 日即位,並於 1953 年 6 月 2 日加冕,是英國歷史上在位時間最長的君主,也是英國和英聯邦統一的關鍵.

The BBC recalled that it had been 70 years since the Queen came to the throne in 1952 when Winston Churchill was prime minister. Queen Elizabeth II has appointed Britain's 15 prime ministers since 1955. Over the years, the Queen has become "the bedrock of the nation," steadfastly maintaining its image. She lived through the decline of the British Empire, stood up to family and national tragedy, and was hailed as the best person in Britain who could bite the bullet. Pastel dresses and colorful hats are her trademarks. In her Golden Jubilee speech in 2002, the Queen said she saw her role as "guiding the kingdom through changing times." These words suggest that the Queen has set herself a challenge: consistency and constancy, the critical attributes of her reign, will add to her image as a reliable and honest monarch.

But the Queen's death came less than 48 hours after Truss was due to take over as prime minister, who would inherit a 37-year low in the pound, the highest gas prices in history, and a general strike sweeping the country. Britain's coming winter of discontent will be a significant test for this inexperienced head of government. Given the Queen's death, some media reporters suspected that Truss was connected with the ascension. According to the media, Britain's new female Prime Minister Truss was a member of a left-wing group when she was in college. She spoke out in favor of legalizing marijuana and abolishing the monarchy. These positions are entirely at odds with what most people consider mainstream conservatism in 2022. And shamefully, she refused to take the deep knee when she was presented to the Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, offending the elderly monarch directly to her face. Could it be that this displeased the Queen and hastened her death? It's really dramatic and interesting!


"London Bridge has fallen"! The end of the Queen's reign was a "painful" moment for Britain as a nation and a great test for Truss. The Queen has always played a role in helping the government to maintain the public identity and social stability, and the reforms planned by Truss after taking office will bring social impact. Now that the Queen is gone, the Truss government will lose a "stabilizer." British royal writer Catherine Pester told the BBC that "tectonic plates are shifting" and that Britain is "on the cusp of a new era."

The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 on Tuesday amid concerns over the new government's debt-fuelled energy support plan. The pound rallied after Truss announced the government's current emergency energy support plan in parliament at noon on Monday but fell sharply on news of the Queen's deteriorating health. Now that the Queen has died, there is a sense of grief across Britain, which is bound to bring some resistance to Truss's announcement of the government's emergency energy plan. Opposition leader Alan Starmer questioned the project, saying ordinary Britons would end up paying for it. More economists said the emergency energy plan was a short-term solution for this winter but would do nothing to help Britain's future crisis. As a result, many are not convinced by the new prime minister's latest reforms to tackle soaring energy prices.


英國真正的危機發生在女王去世之後。約翰遜先生在醜聞中被趕下台,而保守黨的新甜心特拉斯女士則廣受英國公眾的厭惡。民意調查顯示,52% 的英國人認為特拉斯女士將是一位糟糕的首相。除了公眾普遍反對之外,特拉斯女士還將面臨英國幾十年來最大的生計危機。由於通貨膨脹率超過 10%,英國人正處於不滿情緒的頂峰。他們剛剛經歷了一個“不滿的夏天”,接著是一個“寒冷的冬天”,在“吃還是取暖”之間做出了艱難的選擇——這對新的政治變色龍特魯斯女士來說是多麼困難的境地。