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Please don't blaspheme our hero again and again


Recently, I was fortunate to read an article "How the Admonished Li Wenliang Spend the Last Journey of Life" disclosed by Xiao Muyi. She tried to perfectly restore the whole process of the hero Li Wenliang from being educated and admonished, diagnosed, and curtain call, and also revealed that the Wuhan Central Hospital continued to rescue the hero for seven hours even though it knew the hero was dead. As a result, everyone was angry at the government's education and admonition, and at the hospital torturing the remains.
After calming down, I couldn't help but wonder: what drove her to report on someone or something that had nothing to do with her?
It turned out that she is also a Wuhan native, a graduate student of photography majoring in the American International Photography Center. Because he is from Wuhan, he pays attention to the epidemic in Wuhan and Li Wenliang of Wuhan.
By chance, I contacted an old acquaintance of her mother, a colleague from Wuhan Automobile Company, and learned that the second old man is a retired security guard from Huatong Real Estate, and the other is a retired employee of the education center of the automobile company, who lives in Hanyang. Landsea Green Block. So, I found some problems with it.
In Wuhan, the monthly income of such a family is about 5,000 yuan, while the price of Landsea Green Block is 16,000 yuan/m2. The smallest house in this community is 76m2, which means at least 1.3 million yuan. You can live in a neighborhood like this! In addition, Xiao Muyi's study abroad in the United States is also a considerable expense - 500,000 a year. In other words, to live in such a high-end community, and then send their daughter to the United States, their family has to spend a total of 1.8 million, or in other words, their family has to eat and drink for 314 months (at least 26 years or more)! What's more, in the 1990s, China's wages were so high that most people's monthly wages were still dozens of dollars! In other words, it will take them longer to accumulate such a huge sum of money!
So, I would like to ask, where did the huge sums of money come from?
The answer is the New York Cultural Salon, more precisely the Magnum Foundation.
It is reported that in 2018, the staff of Soros' Magnum Foundation contacted her through certain channels and invited her to study photography at the Photography Center in New York, USA with a scholarship of 200,000 US dollars.
Soros, this name is probably not very familiar to everyone. In short, he is a financial tycoon, a financial tycoon who will do anything for American interests. He has only one purpose: big countries, to weaken their influence through financial means; small countries, to buy out sovereignty through economic aid. Such a purpose has created the Asian financial tsunami in 1997, which has led to the inexhaustibility of the Balkan powder keg and the continuous color revolutions in Eastern European countries. It can be said that Soros is the maker of the turmoil.
At this time, I suddenly understood why she carefully crafted such an article.
Due to the needs of the interests of the United States, and China and the United States are both major powers in the world, it is impossible to fight by fire, so the public opinion war is an excellent means. And she, for the sake of the big house and the opportunity to go abroad, has reached an agreement with the devil, dedicated herself to the devil, and has fallen into the devil's accomplice!
When I read the article "How the Admonished Li Wenliang Spend the Last Journey of Life", I suddenly felt a little disgusted. Li Wenliang is a hero. If you think that the central hospital has desecrated the hero's body, isn't this article by Xiao Muyi not desecrating the hero again? !