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Passu Cones - Hunza.

Passu is located in Gojal Valley, sub division of District Hunza. ... Tupopdan 6,106 metres (20,033 ft) also known as 'Passu Cones' or 'Passu Cathedral', lies to the north of the Gulmit village in Gojal Valley. It is the most photographed peak of the region.

Closest View of Passu Cones - Hunza.
The best time to visit Karimabad and the Hunza Valley is from Apirl to October but avoid June to August if you do not like crowds. The Hunza Valley can get quite crowded during the midsummar months as both the local and the Chinese tourists flock the place when the temperature is nice and warm.


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Passu Cones are few pointed peaks in the Karakoram Range that are located East of KKH in Passu / Husseini village areas.
The peak lies on the main ridge of the Batura Muztagh, about 7 km (4 mi) east of Batura Sar. The date of the first successful ascent of Passu Sar is disputed. It has been reported as first climbed on 7 August 1994 by the German team of Max Wallner, Dirk Naumann, Ralf Lehmann, and Volker Wurnig.