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Pakistan Railway

asad riaz

Pakistan Railway, in conjunction with the University of Engineering Taxila, has introduced a 'Digital Railway Driving System' aimed at aiding train operators in navigating railway tracks more efficiently, particularly in conditions characterized by smog and dense fog.
The system serves a dual purpose, not only acting as a preventive measure against potential accidents but also facilitating train drivers in operating the locomotive under challenging weather conditions. As stated by a spokesperson for Pakistan Railways, the system is designed to provide clear visibility of the track for up to 700 meters.
During the inauguration of the Train Driver Assistant System, Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Railways Shahid Aziz, alongside Divisional Superintendent Railway Lahore Muhammad Hanif Gul, highlighted the significance of the initiative.
The digital system is equipped to identify crucial elements such as signals, level crossings, gates, track crossings, and other potential hazards within a radius of 700 meters. Initially, the anti-fog device is being implemented in four engines, with plans for gradual expansion to encompass all trains within the upcoming year.
CEO Railways Shahid Aziz emphasized the system's role in enhancing the punctuality of train operations during foggy conditions, emphasizing its potential in averting accidents during adverse weather situations.