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Interview Technique

Interview questions can be tricky. Depending on the complexity of job requirements, the employer may request more than one interview in hiring process. There are different types of interviews that help assess a candidate’s qualification for job. Such as screening, on-site, testing, behavioral, and stress interviews.
Each type of interview include techniques and strategies to conduct assessments. Especially in the case of behavioral analysis where questions are more challenging and candidate has to think on spot.
STAR method has been introduced for a structural approach to behavioral questions.
STAR stands for:
#Situation – Describe background and context of situation. These are the details from past work experience on specific task.
#Task – Details of responsibility, goals, and challenges
#Action – It involves steps taken to address the situation and highlight your contribution
#Result – Explain the impact of actions and lessons learned
STAR method is a great way to prepare for difficult behavioral interviews. The structural approach to answering questions shows interviewer that candidate is focused. Moreover, it gives the impression that applicant has an ability to decisions under pressure.
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