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Female drivers are more disciplined than males.

The number of female drivers has grown exceptionally and is still growing each day. Lahore has the most female drivers than any other city, and they drive more carefully and follow traffic rules than male drivers on the road, says the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore, Muntazir Mehdi.
This Women’s Day, CTO Lahore opened Pakistan’s first driving license and testing centre for women in Liberty, Lahore, to encourage more females to drive confidently on the roads. He believes that the increasing number of female drivers will make Lahore’s traffic more disciplined.

“This initiative is to empower our women and make them useful citizens of the country. Many women have not acquired their driving license because they will have to take the driving test and deal with male staff members. We have started this Licensing Centre with an all-female staff who are polite, friendly, helpful, and encouraging to the women who want to get their driving license. We believe this is an important step towards making our females independent and become an active part of society,” says CTO Lahore.